Hello there!

My name is Ambar Sabino and I am so thrilled to share that I will be a Dweller / YAV in Hollywood, California this upcoming year! I will be dedicating my life to a year of service to help the homeless community in this great city. I will be working in some capacity on the following issues, in connection to homelessness: economic injustice, mental health, domestic violence and human trafficking. In addition, I will also be working towards racial reconciliation, which is so important as we reflect on the many tragedies this nation has currently faced. Let’s all pray and take action towards fostering a safer, healthier and more loving world. Always remember that faith without works is dead 😊 (James 2:14-26).

Now, guess what? You’re coming with me! Yes, YOU! I will take you on this special journey with me through this blog. So stay tuned, great things are to come ❤️.

Stay blessed and see you soon!