My first meal in Los Angeles were these shrimp tacos last Monday. They were amazing! I got them from the neighborhood’s pride and joy taco shop, Cactus Taquería, pictured below. As former and current dweller Sara told me, everyone loves this Taquería and always comes here to eat and hang out. I can definitely see why Cactus Taquería is always full. It was so great to eat authentic Mexican food and to use the resources I have to support local food shops, neighbors, and families. Not only that, but in sharing a meal with Sara among our neighbors (vecinos) and blessings our vecinos  (Cactus taquería owners), I felt like it was my initiation into this community. Meals are usually part of the hospitality a community gives to new visitors and these shrimp tacos were figuratively my welcoming into this latino community. This is only the beginning of me feeling at home here. If you’re ever in Hollywood, come and eat here! You won’t regret it!